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Birgit Braunstein

Birgit Braunstein, Rosé 2017, Burgenland, Austria

After a bottle of bold, biodynamic blaufranksich from Burgenland? Birgit Braunstein is worth a Google. Or you can simply read on, as she is our featured producer for July. Farming prized plots on the slopes of Austria’s Leitha Mountains, with a family tradition dating back over 400 years, Birgit comes from winemaking pedigree.

The first wine to bear her own name was released in 1996 and, since then, it’s been full steam ahead. Birgit’s vines all benefit from the moderating influence of Lake Neusiedl, with the region’s varying soil types adding flashes of personality across the range. The Rosé 2017 has been a spring success story on our list and we’ll be delighted to keep pouring it throughout the summer. Bright with strawberries and a refreshing minerality, it’s a wine that’s designed to be drunk and drunk and drunk (responsibly).

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