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Marcelo Miras, Argentina

Phil Crozier on Argentinian wine maker Marcelo Miras

This month, The Drop’s friend and wine supplier Phil Crozier tells us about one of his favourite producers from Argentina.

“No one has done more to put Argentina’s Patagonia on the vinous map than Marcelo Miras. He is affectionately referred to as Mr. Patagonia, and has made wine, or consulted for virtually every winery of note in this region.

Vines were first brought to Patagonia from the mouth of the Río Negro over 100 years ago, with vines that favoured a shorter ripening cycle, such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Trousseau and Pinot Noir, and at one time, over 60 wineries operated in the region.

Marcelo opened his own winery in the late 90’s, elaborating grapes from Neuquén (Patagonia’s newest region) and old vines in the Río Negro. He still consults for many wineries in both Neuquén and the Río Negro. Whereas altitude is the key cooling influence in the Argentine Andes, latitude kicks in to be the significant cooling factor for grapes in the provinces of Neuquén, the Río Negro and Chubut.

Over the years, there was a decline in winemaking in favour of producing fruit, but there are many old vineyards that are being brought back to life, bringing renewed interest in the history and diversity of this hidden gem that is Patagonia. Marcelo is at the forefront in this movement.”

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