German Wine

Germany is often known as the home of slightly sweet Rieslings, but the country has more to offer with somee of the most excellent whites in the world. These are primarily grown along the steep, mineral-rich slopes surrounding the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Those favouring a drier white, let us introduce you to a delicious Weissburgunder (pinot blanc) by Andreas Bender, which we can’t get enough of.

Milder summers and warmer winters in recent years have given way to some complex and intriguing reds and rosés, with Spätburgunder (pinot noir), now the third most planted grape in the country. If there’s a silver lining to global warming, could this be it?

Join us this month and ‘prost’ to Germany’s finest!

Try: Along with the Weissburgunder, Andreas Bender’s Spätburgunder is a must.

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